Paediatric Ear Nose Throat ENT Specialist in Singapore

Dr Lynne’s ENT and Hearing Centre provides a range of diagnoses and treatment options for ear, nose and throat-related problems affecting young children as well as adults. The comprehensive investigations, management of different conditions and the surgical and non-surgical treatment options provided by us for different child-related ailments makes us one of the best paediatric ENT doctors island wide. We have in-house testing facilities for nose allergies, and flexible endoscopy systems tailored differently for visualizing the nose, throat and larynx in an awake newborn to teenage child. We are equipped with the latest audiology technology for testing, and have full-time audiologists, nursing and front-line staff who care for the little ones. There are sound-proof and sound-treated hearing testing rooms to tend to the most complex of hearing problems for even the littlest ones, with and without sedation. We are sensitive to the many challenges involved in the management of young children, paying close attention to specific concerns of families. We collaborate closely with pediatricians, other specialists, educators, development specialists, psychologists, speech and occupational therapists involved to ensure effective treatment.

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