Ear / Balance

  • Photo 15 Cochlear implantsNewborn hearing loss (non-syndromic/ syndromic; genetic/ non-genetic)
  • Children’s hearing loss at different ages
  • Cochlear hearing loss
  • Central auditory processing disorder CAPD
  • Adult Hearing loss (e.g. Age-related hearing loss/ presbyacusis, Noise-induced hearing loss)
  • Ringing Ears (Tinnitus)
  • iStock_000019907117_MediumEar-related giddiness/ vertigo
  • Ear wax and foreign bodies
  • Middle ear fluid and infection (Otitis media effusion, acute otitis media, glue ear, post air flights/ diving)
  • Torn ear drum
  • Malformed, eroded, dislocated or fixed ear bones
  • Tumor (cholesteatoma, bony, polyp, vascular, skin)
  • Microtia auricle (malformed outer ear)
  • Atresia ear canal (absent ear canal)
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