Remote/ Telemedicine Hearing Care

Hearing aid technology has improved rapidly, and so have the services to provide for better support care and follow up for patients with hearing aids. A feature that some hearing aids now have is remote hearing care. This means that hearing aids can now be remotely fine-tuned from the comfort of one’s home, office or even on holiday, as long as there is an internet connection. Our audiologist can now follow-up on your hearing aid progress and make quick real-time hearing aid adjustments via telemedicine.

Our patients take this up if:

  • Just fitted with hearing aids, and thus may require more adjustments in the beginning
  • Limited mobility, caregiver support not available for travel, want to reduce travel time
  • Needing to reduce outings, especially with restrictions like in the time of Covid19

Other than saving time and cost, the remote hearing care process is user-friendly. Once you are fitted with hearing aids at the clinic, all you will need is to download a remote tunng app into your  smart phone or smart tablet. The app can be used to communicate with your audiologist via video call as well as receive real-time hearing aid adjustments. In certain cases, a face-to-face visit may still be more suitable, eg when a formal hearing test and physical check of the ear drum and ear canal is needed.  

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