About us


For our every child & adult, Ear Nose Throat ENT – Head & Neck health in all its fullness.


A belief that doctoring is an honor, a gift from God. A promise of integrity, empathy & respect for lives we touch. A focus on up-to-date best clinical practice & research. A culture of listening, expertise & excellent outcomes. A nod to the collaborative network and society over self.

Who We Are

The centre specializes in Ear Nose Throat Head ENT & Neck concerns of both children and adults. Many patients become friends over the years, in bonds of comfort and trust.The centre is well-staffed and equipped to allow for a one-stop for ENT service for patients and their families.

The Centre manages holistically the wide spectrum of problems related to sinus, allergic rhinitis, snoring, adenoid and tonsils, noisy airways, throat, voice and head & neck lumps.

Additionally, there is strong international recognition for its unique strengths in complex fields of Pediatric ENT and also Hearing Loss ENT.

The hearing loss focus offers comprehensive management of newborn/teenage to adult/elderly hearing loss. It has dedicated asleep, awake and electrophysiological testing, and offers complete treatment options of hearing aids, cochlear, middle ear and bone anchored implants; management of central auditory processing disorder (CAPD), microtia and atresia, tinnitus, and also ear-related vertigo/ dizziness and balance issues.

The ENT specialist centre is equipped with allergy testing for air-bone and food allergens, immunotherapy service, home-based sleep study, flexible endoscopy for newborns to adults. It has in-house sound-proof and sound-treated hearing testing rooms for newborns, children and adult. It offers trials and simulations in-house for hearing aid, cochlear/ middle ear/ bone anchored implant. Ear and swim plugs can be customized. Tinnitus maskers, music therapy and rehabilitation, and vertigo/ ear balance/ giddiness testing and rehabilitation are also available.

Full-time professional audiologists and an allergy-trained staff nurse complement the care provided by our ENT doctor at this ENT specialist centre.

There is a sustained commitment to research, education; and attention to wide networks and close collaboration with professionals and families involved in the care of our patient.

Clinic Logo

The clinic logo is a stylised tree. The 3 concentric circles invoke the Ear, Nose, Throat & Neck, and also the inner ear cochlear. It serves as a reminder of the full circle of holistic care that can best serve our patients. The Y represents the tonsils, throat and trachea airway. Turquoise blue celebrates the simplicity and hope in all things seen through a child’s eyes, and the darker blue offers the seriousness, experience and expertise of our professional service.

Dr Lynne Lim ENT logo