Cochlear Implants to a Kid

Cochlear & Middle Ear Implants

Cochlear & Middle Ear Implants In Singapore

The Center’s cochlear implant doctors, specialists and surgeons have a strong reputation for managing hearing disorders in both adults and children. It fits hearing aids and hearing implants carefully and whenever appropriate, after exclusion of treatable conditions and failed non-surgical treatments. It offers a complete spectrum of management in Singapore, from repair of perforation, reconstruction of ear bones, to microtia/ atresia/ middle ear reconstruction surgery, cochlear implants, middle ear implants, and bone anchored hearing aids & implants.

The Centre believes in the power of integration, clinical innovation with research and education, and in working closely with the industry, families, professionals, teachers, voluntary welfare, hearing support groups and associations to facilitate better hearing health for all.

This section offers an overview of hearing implants to help clarify the same for patients.

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Cochlear Implants at Lynne Lim ENT Centre

Cochlear Implant (CI)

The Cochlear Implant is arguably one of the greatest advances in modern medicine, a neural prosthesis that can substitute for the ear sensory organ. For

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Middle Ear Implants at Lynne Lim ENT Centre

Middle Ear Implants

Why bother with surgery for middle ear implants when current hearing aids have the ability to amplify sounds even for those with severe hearing loss?

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