Telemedicine Consultation

We are a Ministry of Health Singapore approved TELEMEDICINE clinic and hearing centre for adult and children’s Ear Nose Throat and Hearing Services.

Service platforms used include: Clinic Assist/eHealthAssist, HiDoc/ HealthPass, BookDoc, GetDoc.

With just an easy download of their apps, VIDEO TELECONSULTS can help for patients who are not able to travel due to Covid19 restrictions, or for straightforward conditions on follow-ups.

Remote telemedicine and tuning can also done by our audiologists for certain types and model of hearing aids, and for trouble-shooting of problems related to hearing aids and hearing implants.

Telemedicine Consultation by Dr Lynne Lim

Telemedicine Hearing Care

Hearing aid technology has improved rapidly, and so have the services to provide for better support care and follow up for patients with hearing aids. A feature that some hearing aids now have is remote hearing care. This means that hearing aids can now be remotely fine-tuned from the comfort of one’s home, office or even on holiday, as long as there is an internet connection. Our audiologist can now follow-up on your hearing aid progress and make quick real-time hearing aid adjustments via telemedicine.

Our patients take this up if:

  • Just fitted with hearing aids, and thus may require more adjustments in the beginning
  • Limited mobility, caregiver support not available for travel, want to reduce travel time
  • Needing to reduce outings, especially with restrictions like in the time of Covid19
Telemedicine Consultation for ENT