Children are not little adults, with their consult, investigations and treatment needing to be tailored to their specific ages. Their spectrums of diseases do overlap with adults, but often with different presentations, progression, severity and specific cause. Adults are not merely big children either, with similar unique challenges and concerns. The clinic manages many families, facilitating integrated care and support.

We are a premier ENT Ear Nose Throat, Pediatric ENT and Hearing Loss ENT treatment specialist center in Singapore. We provide a range of treatments for different conditions related to the ear and vertigo/balance, the nose, and sinus, the throat and mouth, and the head and neck. We manage holistically conditions of snoring, allergic rhinitis, adenoid and tonsils, hoarseness, gastroesophageal reflux laryngitis, and laryngotracheal airway narrowing and stridor. Many of these conditions can be determined from gentle awake flexible nasoendoscopy tailored specifically for different ages. Flexible nasoendoscopy is a procedure that is both insurance and medisave claimable.

Conductive hearing loss is a common problem that can occur with pathologies in the external and middle ear. Examples are ear wax, ear infections, middle ear fluid build-up or hole in the ear drum. Sensorineural hearing loss and tinnitus from aging, noise, drugs, congenital or genetic deafness can also be helped by medication, hearing aids or hearing implants. The good news is that rapid advances in medicine and technology now ensure that no patient needs to continue living with a poor quality of life.

Conditions for children and adults managed at the clinic include:

Ear / Balance
  • Photo 15 Cochlear implantsNewborn hearing loss (non-syndromic/ syndromic; genetic/ non-genetic)
  • Children’s hearing loss at different ages
  • Cochlear hearing loss
  • Central auditory processing disorder CAPD
  • Adult Hearing loss (e.g. Age-related hearing loss/ presbyacusis, Noise-induced hearing loss)
  • Ringing Ears (Tinnitus)
  • iStock_000019907117_MediumEar-related giddiness/ vertigo
  • Ear wax and foreign bodies
  • Middle ear fluid and infection (Otitis media effusion, acute otitis media, glue ear, post air flights/ diving)
  • Torn ear drum
  • Malformed, eroded, dislocated or fixed ear bones
  • Tumor (cholesteatoma, bony, polyp, vascular, skin)
  • Microtia auricle (malformed outer ear)
  • Atresia ear canal (absent ear canal)
Nose / Sinus
  • Photo 17 Nose Polyps Allergic rhinitis (airborne, food)
  • Vasomotor or medical related rhinitis
  • Rhinitis/ sinusitis/ polyposis
  • Epistaxis (Nose bleed)
  • Blocked nose (eg deviated nose septum, large inferior turbinates, tumors)
  • Exclusion of nose cancer
Throat / Mouth
  • Photo 18 TonsilsTonsil and adenoid (swelling, infection)
  • Unclear speech – tongue tie, pharynx/ soft palate (velopharyngeal) insufficiency, hearing loss
  • Throat irritation/ phlegm, gastroesophageal acid reflux laryngitis
  • Mouth ulcers/ lumps
Head & Neck
  • Photo 19 Neck LumpAdenoid and tonsil disease
  • Snoring/ Noisy Breathing/ Obstructive sleep apnea (due to nose, adenoid/ tonsil, soft palate, tongue, laryngeal, weight pathology)
  • Head and neck lumps – congenital, acquired (eg neck lymph nodes, branchial and thyroglossal cysts, parotid, thyroid, submandibular gland lumps)
  • Hoarse voice – vocal cord cysts/ nodules/ lumps, poor mobility, inflammation, scarring, smoking, hypothyroidism
  • Swallowing disorders
  • Stridor – vocal cord, laryngeal, subglottic or trachea airway pathology and narrowing
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