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Hearing Aid Service In Singapore

A full hearing aid and hearing health service

We are passionate about hearing health and have a unique positioning as the hearing aids and implants
service is helmed by our ENT doctor who deeply understands hearing issues. The center has
full-time professional audiologists committed to working with the ENT doctor to make accurate
diagnoses and ensure good patient outcomes. The centre is outfitted with industry grade sound-proof
hearing test and sound-treated fitting rooms. We serve many nationalities with their different needs and concerns, and newborns to the elderly.

The centre offers the widest range of hearing aid brands, essential for optimal patient satisfaction as
each brand will have their specific advantages and attraction for different patients coming also with
different range of prices, technology and cosmesis to suit every need. We keep at the forefront of the
latest advancements and technology in this rapidly evolving field. For example, we can provide home
visit services for patients needing special support. As a hearing medical clinic, we are able to offer the
full range of hearing options, not just hearing aids; like that of different brands of surgical hearing
implants like that of bone anchored, middle-ear and also cochlear implants. Some hearing aids can now
offer tinnitus therapy.

Hearing loss can coexist with tinnitus, giddiness or vertigo problems, behavioral or developmental
issues, or confused with central auditory processing disorder and learning disorders. The centre is well –
positioned to make a full diagnosis as it has expertise and extensive testing for these other disorders.
For example, it is set up with also the full range of VHIT, VEMP and Vestibulonystamograpy (VNG) tests
for ear-giddiness/ vertigo related disorders. The centre further links with a large network of other
specialists for these multidisciplinary and complex disorders.

At the visit

If a hearing aid is chosen solely based on cosmesis or only a certain brand is shown, the performance
and satisfaction may not be optimal. It is not the most expensive aid that works the best, nor the
smallest. Individual preferences, hearing experience and medical history differs.

A full ear examination is first done to exclude ear wax or sinister ear conditions like deep seated
infections and tumors. Tinnitus and giddiness need to be managed for optimal hearing function.

Complete hearing tests will be tailored for newborns, toddlers, young children and adults. When
needed, a hearing aid evaluation and hearing aid trials with different brands is then done. FM systems
assistive listening devices are recommended to further optimize performance in school or noisy
environments. With disease progression or depending on personal needs and lifestyle, sometimes even
the best hearing aid may not be enough. Surgery may then need to be discussed. Multidisciplinary care
is coordinated for patients with speech therapy, auditory verbal therapy, development assessment and
educational assessment needs. This allows a one-stop hearing service for the holistic care of families and

Brands of Hearing Aids at Our Centre


What New-Technology Hearing Aids Can Do
  • Noise-cancellation: Differentiates speech from noise, and manages wind, car & background
  • Directional microphones: Digitally focus on the specific sound source that you want to hear.
  • Reduced feedback: Less squealing sounds, less need to reduce the volume.
  • Tinnitus relief: Hearing improvement & sound therapy customised to reduce ringing in the ears.
  • Connectivity: incoming handphone calls & TV sounds wirelessly directly & discretely sent to the HA without needing to put the phone to the ear; control volume of HA from handphone.
  • Different styles: For different severity of HL, comfort, dexterity & personal preference.
    Behind or fit in your ear.

Categories of Hearing Aids

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