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Vertigo Test

Ear Balance

Conditions managed related to Ear & Balance: Adult ear conditions can arise from Congenital infections/ Syndromes, Genetic, Microtia/ Atresia andCentral Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) causes as for children. (Read More: Children Services). Age-related hearing loss – Natural wear and tear with degeneration of the inner ear and middle ear function is common in adults over 50 […]

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Hearing Test - Lynne Lim ENT Centre

Hearing Test

New-borns and children of any age can have a hearing test, and our oldest patient is a spunky 104 year old. Our hearing tests are conducted in professionally constructed gold-standard sound-proof and sound-treated rooms, by professional audiologists who are specialised for kids and adults. Otoscopic Ear Examination The Ear Nose Throat Specialist/ENT Doctor will first

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Hearing Loss

Age-related Hearing Loss (Presbyacusis) Age-related hearing loss, known as presbyacusis, occurs slowly as tiny soundperception hair cells in the inner ear and hearing nerve deteriorate or gets damaged. The hearing loss is usually greater for high-pitched sounds at the start. Many are affected People may think admitting to hearing loss is stigmatising – but it

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Vertigo Treatment


When the Room Starts Spinning Vertigo is a sensation of the room spinning round, and more specific for earrelated giddiness. Non-specific giddiness more commonly due to none ear disorders are variously described as feeling woozy, faint, swaying or lightheaded. However, central brain disorders like strokes can cause vertigo, and nonspecific swaying giddiness can be ear

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Sinusitis Treatment


What is sinusitis? Sinusitis refers to an infection due to virus, bacteria or fungus; or an inflammation from allergies or chemicals like smoke/drug abuse/ cocaine of these sinuses. What are sinuses? Many people think the sinuses are in the nose, but they are actually next to the nose. Sinuses are about 10 air cavities situated

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Sick Female Having Ear Pain, Touching Her Pain


Tinnitus is the perception of ringing or buzzing in the ears without an external sound actually being present. Tinnitus comes in many forms – high-pitched, low-pitched, constant, rhythmic, buzzing, whooshing, crackling or even resembling the sound of crickets.  Most people experience some form of tinnitus and are usually not bothered by it. However, for some,

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Sleep Apnea Treatment at Dr Lynne Lim ENT Centre

Snoring / Sleep Apnea

Causes of SNoring and sleep apnea In adults, the blockage may be from problems of deviated nose septum, large inferior turbinates, redundant/ low lying soft palate and medialized posterior tonsil pillars, poor pharyngeal tone, obesity, tongue base collapse/ hypertrophy, laryngeal collapse and mandibular retrognathia. More rarely from central brain pathology. (Read More: Snoring Across The

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Woman with a sore throat holding her neck

Head / Neck

Head and Neck Lumps Causes Some common lumps Salivary gland lumps – These could be benign or cancerous tumors, or swelling due to acute or chronic infections or stones blocking the salivary ducts. The main glands are the parotid, submandibular and sublingual glands. Neck lymph nodes – These could be benign or cancerous nodes, and due to

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Sick women suffering from sore throat

Throat / Mouth

Tonsil problems Causes Tonsil enlargement in adults may have intrinsic, unknown, infective or tumor origins. Some tonsils trap tonsilloliths (small concretions that are stone-like). May be aggravated by nose allergies, infections or laryngoesophageal gastric reflux. Importance May result in blocked breathing passages, and snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. Recurrent tonsillitis could be associated with sore

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