Hearing Aid

Hearing Aid Service

A ONE-STOP HEARING AID CENTRE A full hearing aid and hearing health service We are passionate about hearing health and have a unique positioning as the hearing aids and implants service is helmed by our ENT doctor who has a deep understanding of hearing issues. The center has full-time professional audiologists on-site committed to working …

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Cochlear Implants to a Kid

Cochlear & Middle Ear Implants

The Center’s cochlear implant doctors, specialists and surgeons have a strong reputation for managing hearing disorders in both adults and children. It fits hearing aids and hearing implants carefully and whenever appropriate, after exclusion of treatable conditions and failed non-surgical treatments. It offers a complete spectrum of management in Singapore, from repair of perforation, reconstruction …

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Dr Lynne Lim with an adult patient

Adult Services

Adult ENT specialist in Singapore Dr Lynne Lim is recognized as one of the top adult Ear Nose Throat specialist in Singapore. She manages holistically different conditions related to the ear and vertigo/ balance, the nose, and sinus, the throat and mouth, and the head and neck. Conditions include snoring, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis and polyposis, …

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Vertigo Treatment at Dr Lynne Lim ENT Centre

Ear / Balance

Conditions managed Adult ear conditions can arise from Congenital infections/ Syndromes, Genetic, Microtia/ Atresia and Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) causes as for children.  (Read More: Children Services). Age-related hearing loss – Natural wear and tear with degeneration of the inner ear and middle ear function is common in adults over 50 years of age, warranting screening …

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Cochlear & Middle Ear Implants for Children


Children are not little adults, with their consult, investigations and treatment needing to be tailored to their specific ages. Their spectrums of diseases do overlap with adults, but often with different presentations, progression, severity and specific cause. Adults are not merely big children either, with similar unique challenges and concerns. The clinic manages many families, …

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