Vertigo Test

Ear Balance

Conditions managed related to Ear & Balance: Adult ear conditions can arise from Congenital infections/ Syndromes, Genetic, Microtia/ Atresia andCentral Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) causes as for children. (Read More: Children Services). Age-related hearing loss – Natural wear and tear with degeneration of the inner ear and middle ear function is common in adults over 50 […]

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Telemedicine Consultation

Telemedicine Consultation We are a Ministry of Health Singapore approved TELEMEDICINE clinic and hearing centre for adult and children’s Ear Nose Throat and Hearing Services. Service platforms used include: Clinic Assist/eHealthAssist, HiDoc/ HealthPass, BookDoc, GetDoc. With just an easy download of their apps, VIDEO TELECONSULTS can help for patients who are not able to travel

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Ear Pain & Allergy in Children

Ear / Nose / Throat Allergy

An allergy happens when our body’s immune system produces an exaggerated response to a normally harmless substance (allergen). An overwhelming response with antibodies results in powerful inflammatory chemicals released. The symptoms are itchy ears, nose and throat; sneezing, runny or blocked nose, headache; cough, sore throat and hoarseness; dark circles under the eyes and conjunctivitis.

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Head/Neck ENT Treatment for Children

Head / Neck

A. Head and neck lumps Causes:The most common lumps are neck lymph nodes swelling from infections and congenital thyroglossal and branchial cysts. Other lumps are vascular lesions, lymphangiomas, salivary gland (parotid, thyroid and sublingual) and floor of mouth lesions. Cancers are less common in children, with many malignancies being blood cell origin. Importance:Lymph nodes more

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Throat & Mount ENT problem in Children

Throat / Mouth

Tonsil and adenoid enlargement or infection Causes:Tonsils and adenoid enlargements in children may have intrinsic, unknown or infective origins. Importance:Adenoid and tonsil enlargement may result in blocked breathing passages, and snoring, which may be associated with reduced oxygen delivery to the brain and vital organs. Long term, it may contribute to reduced attention span and

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Nose/Sinus/Allergy in Children

Nose / Sinus / Allergy

Epistaxis CausesNasal causes are usually picking of the nose, especially with allergic rhinitis. It can be due to foreign body, polyp, tumor, nose bone deviation or trauma. Systemic causes include blood disorders and certain drugs.(Read More: First Aid for Nose Bleeds) Investigations offered:Anterior nose can be examined with speculum and good headlight. Posterior nose and

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